Skip Hire Guidance

At Nelson, we want you to get the most out of your skip hire. Here you can find skip hire guidance to help you choose the right skip for your needs. If you require more advice or have any questions please call us directly on 01264 357 627. A member of our team will welcome the chance to discuss your requirements.


Before hiring a skip, spend time estimating the quantity of waste you wish to dispose of. Doing this will help ensure you get maximum value from your skip. Estimate the waste quantity and allow a little extra, its better to have too much skip capacity than too little.


To avoid damage to your property ensure your chosen location is suitable for a skip to be situated. Things to consider are low walls, gates, garden features etc. If anything needs to be cleared to allow for the skip to be located, ensure this is done prior to delivery. Skips will need room to be maneuvered when being located. The more clear space you have, the less likely damage will occur. Weight is also something to consider. If you plan to fill your skip with weighty/bulky waste then consider the surface you are placing the skip on. Too much weight can cause sinkage to driveways.


A way to maximise value from your skip is to think through your filling technique. If you have bulky items such as an office desk or wardrobe, then you will gain space by dismantling them before loading them into the skip. Have your tools handy, they will prove useful when filling your skip.

It is important to avoid over filling. An over filled skip is dangerous and could result in refusal of collection, either due to it being too heavy for the lorry to lift legally or for safety considerations. Keeping within the fill level is a requirement by law even if it’s covered with a net, as if the skip is overloaded then items could dislodge and cause injury to pedestrians or motorists. If a skip is overfilled, additional costs will apply.


Environmental legislation under the European Directive restricts the following wastes within skips: aerosols of any description, batteries, containers that have contained hazardous chemicals, fertilisers or their empty containers, fluorescent tubes, freezers, fridges, gas bottles, Gripfill tubes (full or empty), monitors, oil drums (full or empty), pesticides, televisions, tree roots, tree trunks and branches over 6 inches in diameter, tyres and plasterboard (unless already agreed with us). Also, a fire must never be started in a skip.

We offer an additional service for the removal of asbestos and hazardous waste. Please contact us directly and a member of our team will welcome the chance to advise you based on your requirements.


General Mixed Waste Skip This is our most popular type of skip. If you select a general mixed waste skip, contents should not include hazardous materials, asbestos, gas bottles, fridges/freezers, oil drums, fertilizers, aerosols, grip fill tubes, pesticides or TV’s. Content should also not include any plasterboard.

Concrete & Rubble Skip Contents for a concrete and rubble skip typically include bricks, concrete blocks, paving slabs, rubble and broken out concrete from foundations and pathways. If you select this skip type, contents should not include other waste types such as tarmac, soil and stones.

Garden Waste Skip Contents for a garden waste skip typically include leaves, flowers, grass, weeds, tree bark and pruned branches. If you select this type of skip, contents should not include large volumes of soil, treated wood and tree stumps (more than 60cm in diameter), along with other waste types.

Plasterboard Skip Contents for a plasterboard skip include Gypsum panel boards. If you select this type of skip, contents should not include ceramics, insulation and timber, along with other waste types.

Soil Skip Content for a soil skip is typically soil from excavation arisings. If you select this type of skip, contents should not include clay, chalk or turf.

Wood Skip Contents for a wood skip is wood and can include treated timber, creosoted products and MDF.

Hardcore Skip Contents for a hardcore skip typically include construction waste materials like tiles, quarry waste, other crushed rock and gravel.

If you need further advice, please call us directly on 01264 357 627 and a member of our team will welcome the chance to help you based on your requirements.

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