Waste Recycling

Nelson is proud to be a recycling company, offering you the cheapest and safest way to dispose of all your waste and arisings. We receive your waste at our own fully licensed waste transfer station and recycling centre at Homestead Farm, Andover.


Nelson’s Best Service, Best Price promise gives you peace of mind in every way. We are very aware of the responsibility that both parties have when it comes to Duty of Care and ensuring that your waste is disposed of properly. We ensure that any waste removed from your site is disposed of legally, efficiently and correctly. Giving you the confidence that all environmental concerns are dealt with and handled in a professional and responsible manner.

Always ask the skip hire company that you work with if they can show you a full audit trail of where your waste has been taken to its disposal point. If the skip hire company that you choose does not follow the latest environmental legislation there is the potential for you to personally incur substantial fines and even imprisonment.


We continually strive for zero to landfill and regularly process and recycle approximately 97.8% back into industry. We do this by sorting waste such as concrete, hardcore, inert soils, cardboard, plastics, wood and timber, greatly reducing disposal costs. Sometimes there will be situations where our only solution for certain waste materials is landfill. At our owned landfill facilities we can manage and control this waste from source to disposal, ensuring that final disposal is carried out in the most environmentally responsible manner.


Selective sorting and separation of all materials along with strict quality controls allows us to supply the construction industry with a comprehensive range of good quality recycled materials. We are in line with the UK government’s initiative that 25% of construction aggregate should be met from recycled sources. Recycled construction materials and aggregates are available to purchase from our recycling centre.

All Nelson sites are managed by fully certified operators who are directly employed by the company. All licenses and exemptions are issued directly to the company by the Environment Agency.